Tips For Coping With Pain

Today we would like to share some ways to cope with pain.

Consider the following steps that may be helpful by changing routine habits and improving sleep. 

  • Stay Active - Pain, or the fear of pain can lead you to stop doing tasks or hobbies you enjoy. It's important not to let pain take over your life.
  • Exercise - Stay active and healthy with low impact physical activities such as stretching, walking, or yoga.
  • Know Your Limits - Continuing to be active is important, but acknowledge your physical limitations. Make a plan on how to mitigate and manage your pain and don't push yourself more than you need to.
  • Stay Connected - It is important to stay in contact with friends, family, or a therapist regarding your pain points. Research has shown that people with greater social support are more resistant and resilient to pain and experience less anxiety & depression. Know when to ask for help when you may need it. 
  • Stay Distracted - When chronic pain seems to flare out of nowhere, it is important to find a way to distract your mind. Any of the above options is suitable. Any pleasant experience or discussion can help you cope with your pain. 
  • Don't Lose Hope - With the adequate kind of psychological, physical, and mental treatments, many people (including you) can mitigate and manage your pain so it doesn't take over your life. Many people learn to manage their pain in different ways with various therapies, habits, physical products, and more. 
  • Follow Prescriptions Cautiously - If certain medications are part of your treatment plan, be sure to use them as prescribed by your Doctor to avoid possible dangerous or long lasting side effects. 

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