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ArthroWave 3 In 1 Heat & Massage Brace

ArthroWave 3 In 1 Heat & Massage Brace

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The Only Heated Massage Product You'll Ever Need. 

Experience the "Multi-Tool" of the health world. The ArthroWave 3 In 1 Heat & Massage Brace can be used on just about any joint or muscle for fast heat & massaging relief. This one product does more for you than 3 individual products and saves you money from going to expensive massage or physical therapy adjustment sessions. 

• Pain Relief: The combination of heat therapy and massage provided our ArthroWave 3 In 1 Heat & Massage Brace helps you to alleviate pain associated with joint conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, or bursitis, providing targeted relief to the affected area.

• Reduced Inflammation: Heat therapy helps to increase blood flow to the affected joint, promoting better circulation and reducing inflammation, which can help alleviate your swelling and stiffness.

• Improved Mobility: The gentle massage action of the ArthroWave 3 In 1 Heat & Massage Brace helps to relax tense muscles and improve joint mobility, reducing stiffness and promoting greater range of motion for your affected joint.

• Enhanced Comfort: Our ArthroWave 3 In 1 Heat & Massage Brace provides soothing warmth and gentle massage to the affected area, promoting relaxation and comfort, which can help you reduce discomfort and promote a sense of well-being.

• Customizable Settings: With 3 heat and 3 massaging settings on a touch LED screen, our ArthroWave 3 In 1 Heat & Massage Brace allows you to customize your therapy to suit your preferences and needs, providing a personalized and tailored approach to pain relief and joint support.

Technical Information

• 3 level heating

• 3 levels of massaging

• 4000 mAH battery capacity

• LED display

• Touch screen operation

• Low battery warning system

• Length of long strap: 26.5"

• Short strap length: 11.75"

• Length of charging line: 4"

• Working voltage: 5V

• Working current: 1550mA

• Product gross weight: 417g

• Three heat temperatures:

110F, 130F, 150F

Packing List:

• 1 Pc 3-in-1 Heated Massage Brace

• 1 Pc Extension strap

• 1 Pc User Manual

• 1 Pc charging cable

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